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Social Media – When The Devil Decides To Expose You In Public

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Social media is probably one of the greatest evolutionary things that happened to the world in this century. The phenomenon has countless advantages and disadvantages which are dependent on how people use it.

I was surfing through my Twitter page this morning and came across a week-old post that cracked me up. I’m sure my colleagues would wonder why I laughed so much over whatever I could be staring at on my computer. Clearly if you look through the pictures below, you will understand.

This is not a move in any way, to judge the poor guy who has switched his account to private, after the backlash he was getting as a result of his ‘sincere’ comment on Tumininu Idowu aka ‘Miss Officer’s picture.

I don’t think it is wrong to express yourself on social media, but the manner in which you pass your message should reflect what you front to the people. You can’t claim to be a ‘bad guy’ and be posting ‘holy things’ online – that’s kind’a contradictory and misleading, if you catch my drift.

Social media may seem virtual, but the fact is – it is controlled by real people. If I don’t know you on social media, there’s someone on the same platform that knows you, even to your house and church. Be yourself and you probably won’t have to delete your comments or switch your account to private, because of anybody.

That’s how @Koyomo made @miss_officer_ a superstar on Instagram, raising the likes on that picture to over 2,000… probably the highest she’ll ever get on her page in years to come.

Wait a minute! What if somebody hacked Koyomo’s account at the time? Ok never mind. Bye!

Post by @Miss_Officer_ and comment strip.

Post by @Miss_Officer_ and comment strip.

Koyomo's Instagram posts

@Koyomo’s Instagram posts

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