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New Trend: Spray-On Nail Polish

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spray polish


Good news for manicure lovers. There is a new trend in town. The spray-on nail polish is a modern invention brought to the nail world.

spray polishspray-paint

Here’s how it works: first of all, you apply basecoat, evenly spray the polish about 4 inches from your nails, wait for it to dry, apply the topcoat to seal it in, rinse your nails with soapy water, and magic! Your nails are done in less than five minutes.

Some may argue that what’s the point, as it gets on the skin leaving a mess, but the difference between spray-on nail polish and the glossy version is that it washes off immediately, unlike nail polish that could be around the finger for days if not cleaned off immediately.

Another difference between both products is that the spray on dries off immediately. Plus it’s really easy to take off and it can be applied directly on top of old nail polish.

Lots of ladies are applauding this foolproof at-home manicure trend.

Now to go over the procedure one after the other:

Start by applying a layer of base coat and then letting it dry for a few minutes, next spray the polish. Bear in mind that it will get a little messy.

spray polish

It is advisable to put down a layer of cardboard or old newspaper on the surfaced you are using, since the spray goes everywhere, especially all over your hands. Painting one finger at a time is nearly impossible, so just spray back and forth at random, as you would with any aerosol can, until you have a nice, even coat across all fingers.

spray polish

Once the nails are completely polished, allow to dry for about five minutes before moving on to apply top coat.

After a few minutes of waiting for the top coat to dry, proceed to the final step which is washing the polish off the hands.

Voila! The finished product looked fabulous! It gives a chrome-like shiny colour and airbrushed finish.

spray polish

This faster, easier beauty trend is undeniably a lot of fun and the result had a unique finish which feels fresh and modern compared to the typical brush technique.

See a video demo of how it’s done.

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