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Men Grooming – Common Shaving Mistakes To Avoid

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Shaving Mistakes

Do you get irritations and bumps on your jaws and neck from shaving? Then you probably have been making some mistakes in shaving. Yes you may have been shaving your beards for years and you may have stuck to the basic rules; but here are some common shaving mistakes you may be making.

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Hitting Your Shaving Stick

Banging your razor against the edge of the sink to clean off excess hair and shaving cream and is a common practice; however, this is very wrong as it can damage your razors. Yes, the idea is to prevent build-ups from getting stuck between the blades, but doing this will make tiny dents and nicks on the blades that you may not even see. However, you will see the skin irritation that happens as a result.

So instead of hitting your razor against something, take the extra second to rinse it off with lukewarm water before resuming your shave.

You Shave Against The Natural Hair Direction

This may sound counterintuitive as it is faster and easier to shave in the opposite direction of your hair growth. The problem, however, is that when you do this with shaving sticks or regular razors, more often than not, it causes ingrown hair, redness and shaving bumps.

So if you will be shaving against your hair direction, do that with an electric clipper as it is gentler on the skin and doesn’t pose the threat of cuts and bruises, rather gives you softer and smoother skin.

You Don’t Prep Your Skin

You might be accustomed to dry shaves, but prepping your skin before a shave is beneficial to you. The truth is that not prepping your skin before a shave causes serious damage to your skin because shaving unlubricated skin contributes to a number of issues from cuts to inflammation.

Experts recommend massaging with a pre-shave product such as a facial scrub or pre-shave oil to moisturize the shaving surface.

Using Cold Water

Just like warm water opens up your pores; cold water shrinks your pores to a size that makes it hard for shaving creams to properly penetrate, and tougher for the razor to do its job. Wash your face first with warm water or a use hot towel face pressed on your skin to help open pores and soften your stubble.

The more heat you can apply to the beard area, the softer the hair will become, which makes it easier to cut.

Pressing Too Hard

Less is more when it comes to shaving. Pressing the razor hard against your skin will create an uneven surface. You won’t achieve the right angle to properly cut the hair and also run the risk of digging into or cutting the skin. Use a light touch and let the razor do the work. If you feel like you need to press harder to cut the hair, you likely have a dull blade that is in need of replacing.

Using Aftershave with Alcohol

Although some men enjoy the “tingling” feel of alcohol-based aftershaves, but the reality is that what you’re doing is drying out your skin instead of protecting it. Experts recommend an aftershave with naturally-based ingredients like shea butter that coat the skin and lock in moisture.

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