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Friday Tips To Prepare You For A Fresh New Work Week Ahead

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Work Week

Having stress free work week all depends on how much you are able to achieve and clear in the previous week and what better day do we have to do this other than Fridays?

This Friday, take a few minutes of your lunch break and organize your desk, clear your mails and sort out all documents and you will certainly get the feeling that you have everything under control the following Monday.

Clear Your Emails

A pile of untouched emails can create tension and pressure which are of course a bad way to start the week. So the first thing to do in order to prepare for the following week is to  clear all the emails staring you in the face and causing stress; and your week will sure commence on a god start.

To achieve an empty inbox, and settle for nothing less; follow these steps:

  • Move the Necessary – An unanswered email, phone call, or contact sheet should not be in your inbox. Most of your emails have a place other than the inbox. Move the necessary emails where they belong, and make sure you don’t lose any important data.
  • Archive – References, pictures, and funny work emails should not be in your inbox. Archive them into appropriate folders and move on.
  • Delete the Rest – Unless it fits in the above categories, delete it. If you are afraid to lose the item, it should have been moved or archived. Delete the items you can do without.

Return Stationaries And Files

Staplers, pens, files and papers should all have their special places. Before the close of business on Fridays, make it a key habit to keeping your space organized by returning items to their “designated home”.

Not only will your desk be sorted out; you will also know right where they are when you need an item the following week.


Now, you need to look around your work area, de-clutter, empty, shred, and get rid of everything that you don’t need or want. Clutters around your non-computer work zones and your desk can make you feel overwhelmed.

You’d need to take one area at a time in order to have an effective and thorough decluttering. If you have a piece of furniture, equipment or supplies you haven’t used it in months and can’t think of when you’ll actually need it, toss or just get it out of your way. If plants (real or artificial), and decorations are covered with dust and make your office look shabby, wipe them and make them neat!

The idea is to make everything look like a fresh start.


By arranging items used together in the same drawer space; your life will be a lot easier as there will be a sense of organisation. For example; store stamps with envelopes, sticky pads with notepads, paper clips, staplers and tacks. You can as well use a separate drawer for personal items. The idea is to create order. Use trays for papers and make sure you keep papers that are useful and toss the ones that aren’t important. Some legal or financial documents must be kept for specified length of time. Make sure you know what those requirements are.

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