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5 Household Items That Will Cure Your Dry Winter Skin

Written by HF Magazine Staff  | 


5 Household Items That Will Cure Your Dry Winter Skin

This story was originally published on this site.

Winter weather has a way of taking its toll on us—especially when it comes to our skin. The cold temperatures inevitably leave our skin in its worst condition, be that dry, flaky, cracked, or even inflamed. While paying more attention to moisturizing and lathering up with extra lotion are certainly steps in the right direction, they often aren’t enough to keep our skin healthy and hydrated as the winter months wear on.

If you want to cure your dry winter skin, there are a number of strategies you can try out at home today. The best part is they all require household items you likely already have lying around. Instead of spending your paycheck on pricey remedies that promise to fix your skin, you can save some money, and your skin, taking advantage of unexpected home staples. From kitchen tools to breakfast ingredients, these everyday household items are your key to healthy, hydrated skin.

Here are five household items that can help cure your dry skin this season.

A Humidifier

A humidifier can be a godsend for dry skin and can work its magic while you snooze. Celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau told Byrdie that with a humidifier, “your skin can grab more hydration without requiring you to buy a new moisturizer” because it regulates the room’s environment and adds moisture to the air.

A Timer

Borrow your kitchen timer for your bathroom if you want to get on track to more moisturized skin. Why exactly will this work? When winter weather has us shivering, there’s nothing we want more than to indulge in a hot shower. However, hot water strips the skin of its natural oils. Once its natural oil barrier is removed, skin becomes very susceptible to losing moisture, resulting in dry, irritated, and even chapped skin. You should keep all showers to five minutes or less, and try to lower the temperature as far as you’re comfortable.


The ultimate winter beauty hack, oatmeal baths can be a delightfully indulgent way to repurpose your favorite breakfast option to cure your dry, irritated skin. We already know oatmeal is great for us—full of vitamins, minerals, and lipids—but we don’t have to settle for enjoying its benefits just for breakfast. By pouring a cup of oatmeal into the tub, filling with warm water, and adding a few drops of your favorite relaxing essential oil, you can enjoy a truly decadent at-home spa experience that will leave you with smooth, silky skin.

Coconut Oil

It’s no secret that coconut oil boasts health benefits in a laundry list of ways. From consuming it to burn fat to simultaneously strengthening and softening your hair to using it to fend off infections, the magic superfood can pretty much deliver solutions to every beauty problem. When it comes to dry, winter skin, there’s no better all-natural product to lock in moisture and keep skin hydrated and smooth. Lather up while your skin’s still wet from showering to maximize moisture.

A Water Bottle

Your skin can’t stay hydrated if you don’t stay hydrated. When the sun’s nowhere to be seen and the temperatures are low, it’s easy to forget to keep swigging water throughout the day. The simple act of staying hydrated can cure so many beauty woes it’s silly to ever skimp on water. Whatever the time of year, make a point to hydrate throughout the day. It’s the first and most important step to healthy, moisturized skin, as well as your all-around health.

What In The World! Tinder Updates App With 30 Gender Options!

Written by HF Magazine Staff  | 


Tinder is the dating app that has completely dominated the UK dating scene.

Research shows that there are 50 million active users on Tinder, who check their accounts 11 times per day and spend an average of 90 minutes per day on the app.

When it first came onto the scene, the app was used more as a hook-up/ no strings sex app because it finds you potential matches based on their proximity to you, but now almost everyone seems to be on it. And, the app has revealed its latest update which allows users to add info about their gender identity.

The hook-up app just made a major update that includes 37 new gender options including the tradition female and male choices.

According to the developers of the app, if you’re gender identification option doesn’t pop up, you now have the option to write in your preferred identification. No matter how you identify, you can express your authentic self on Tinder.

The app’s CEO, Sean Rad said transgender users claimed to have been getting harassed so now everyone can play nicely in their respective communities.

 “No one will ever be banned from Tinder because of their gender,” they wrote. “We haven’t had the right tools to serve our diverse community in the past, but that changes today. In addition to this new feature, we are learning to be a better ally to transgender and gender non-conforming communities by allocating additional resources to our support team, which includes educating our staff about the challenges facing these communities.”

Here’s the full list of gender identifications:





Female to Male

FTM * Gender Fluid

Gender Nonconforming

Gender Questioning

Gender Variant


Male to Female








Trans Man

Trans Person

Trans Woman



Transgender Female

Transgender Male

Transgender Man

Transgender Person

Transgender Woman



Transsexual Female

Transsexual Male

Transsexual Man

Transsexual Person

Transsexual Woman


Please what is the difference between Transgender Male and Transgender Man? Likewise Transgender female and Transgender woman? Is there any such thing as Transmasculine? Two-Spirit sounds really really creepy… Agender? Am really lost..

Seven Baecation Tips For You And Your Lover

Written by HF Magazine Staff  | 


A baecation is that special vacation you have with your significant other. It creates an opportunity for you and your loved one to bond and share experiences and beautiful memories together.

It is however important to know certain tips and ideas that will make the moments worthwhile for you and your partner.

Try A Sport Together

Your baecation should not only be about seeing the sunset together at the beach; get an adrenaline rush with your partner by engaging in a sport during your getaway.  You can run, go swimming or even go for short hiking tours together. Engaging in a little friendly competition is a great way to make your relationship more fun and exciting.

You can as well try a completely new sport as learning something new together ties you even closer and you may have some funny stories to tell.

Take Lots Of Pictures

What is a baecation without documented memories? Make your vacation with that special person beautiful by making videos and taking pictures of fun and adventurous moments.

Sometimes; couples do not remember that they need to capture these precious moments together. So avoid being the partners that takes all the pictures because at the end of the day; you will not be in the photographs and videos and when you get back home, it would seem as you were not there at all.

Keep this in mind and alternate. A good solution to this is a selfie stick – God bless the inventors! They offer an opportunity to take pictures of both of you together. It’s just important that you have the picture.

Visit The Beach

Like really; what is a baecation without going to the beach? You truly do not want to miss out on that. The beach will always be a great destination for couples. Strolling along the shore while holding hands or watching the romantic sunset together never gets old.

Go for the quieter side of the island if you happen to be in a crowded beach in order to have some romantic moments with your bae.

Shut Everything Out

One of the easiest ways to make your trip more romantic is to say goodbye to all the distractions that stop you from being mushy on a daily basis. Create a no technology rule and carry a camera (instead of your phone) so that you’re not tempted to check your messages in between picture taking sessions when you’re sight-seeing.

Go For A Couple’s Massage

You might have read about couples massages so much that you’re tired of them, but they’re really romantic. There’s no better way to relax and let all of the cares of this world fall away than having your body massaged with invigorating oils, warm stones, and scrubbed with exotic and aromatic skin treatments.

You can book a long session so that it takes up the entire evening, and then cuddle up together once you’re both relaxed and rejuvenated.

Go Dancing

Dancing with your lover is a sensual and a great way to have fun.  Get information about places where you both can have some fun together on the dance floor. Go for a spot that is safe and quite busy so there’s no need to feel self-conscious about your dancing skills.

Friday Tips To Prepare You For A Fresh New Work Week Ahead

Written by HF Magazine Staff  | 

Work Week

Having stress free work week all depends on how much you are able to achieve and clear in the previous week and what better day do we have to do this other than Fridays?

This Friday, take a few minutes of your lunch break and organize your desk, clear your mails and sort out all documents and you will certainly get the feeling that you have everything under control the following Monday.

Clear Your Emails

A pile of untouched emails can create tension and pressure which are of course a bad way to start the week. So the first thing to do in order to prepare for the following week is to  clear all the emails staring you in the face and causing stress; and your week will sure commence on a god start.

To achieve an empty inbox, and settle for nothing less; follow these steps:

  • Move the Necessary – An unanswered email, phone call, or contact sheet should not be in your inbox. Most of your emails have a place other than the inbox. Move the necessary emails where they belong, and make sure you don’t lose any important data.
  • Archive – References, pictures, and funny work emails should not be in your inbox. Archive them into appropriate folders and move on.
  • Delete the Rest – Unless it fits in the above categories, delete it. If you are afraid to lose the item, it should have been moved or archived. Delete the items you can do without.

Return Stationaries And Files

Staplers, pens, files and papers should all have their special places. Before the close of business on Fridays, make it a key habit to keeping your space organized by returning items to their “designated home”.

Not only will your desk be sorted out; you will also know right where they are when you need an item the following week.


Now, you need to look around your work area, de-clutter, empty, shred, and get rid of everything that you don’t need or want. Clutters around your non-computer work zones and your desk can make you feel overwhelmed.

You’d need to take one area at a time in order to have an effective and thorough decluttering. If you have a piece of furniture, equipment or supplies you haven’t used it in months and can’t think of when you’ll actually need it, toss or just get it out of your way. If plants (real or artificial), and decorations are covered with dust and make your office look shabby, wipe them and make them neat!

The idea is to make everything look like a fresh start.


By arranging items used together in the same drawer space; your life will be a lot easier as there will be a sense of organisation. For example; store stamps with envelopes, sticky pads with notepads, paper clips, staplers and tacks. You can as well use a separate drawer for personal items. The idea is to create order. Use trays for papers and make sure you keep papers that are useful and toss the ones that aren’t important. Some legal or financial documents must be kept for specified length of time. Make sure you know what those requirements are.

Men – Five Effective Tricks To Last Longer In Bed

Written by HF Magazine Staff  | 

Effective Tricks To Last Longer In Bed

Sexual shortcomings aren’t always as simple as being caused by an underlying erectile problem or age; often times, stress and lack of physical fitness can be blamed. So to help you last longer in bed; here are some simple tricks to follow.

Read on…


If a man is concerned about his sexual endurance, he should get physical to figure out the answer.

Your physical fitness has a lot to do with your sexual endurance. If you can hardly make it up the sixth floor via the staircase, then it means that you may find it hard to maintain strength and stamina to last you through the pleasure moment.

According to an expert; “from a cardiovascular standpoint, it’s really about the equivalent of going up two flights of stairs (the typical sexual encounter).”

So hit the gym today and boost your physical endurance game!

Up Your Foreplay

Sex is more than simply penetration. Foreplay can greatly increase the sexual experience in terms of both time and pleasure. Like they say – it is the oil to the engine!

Make sure you never skip foreplay before and during your sexual experience, it’ll surely help you last longer in bed.

Switch Up Positions

Don’t we human beings get bored of the same routines? Well, the fact is that men get bored of monotony and seek adventure. So rather than initiating sex the traditional way, spice up your style and infuse some kinky stuff.

Create anticipation or just come up with the surprise. It could be that he’s bored of same positions, same, room, same everything!

You can change that by flirting around the house looking sexy with little or no clothing’s, or doing a lap dance. Of course, always stay within your personal comfort zone; never do anything that you do not want to do.

[How Long Does Good Sex Last?]

Limit The Booze

Alcohol is known to be a relaxant and can be a wonderful addition to the time you share with your lover as it can set the mood for sex. However, excess alcohol lowers a man’s ability to achieve and maintain erections, and can trigger an inability to orgasm for a long time.

Also, rather than powering you on, alcohol can make you feel sleepy, which also isn’t good for marathon sex.


Kegels aren’t just for women or those with bladder problems — they can help treat men with premature ejaculation. In a study presented at the European Congress of Urology in Stockholm, a small cohort of men aged 19 to 46 with an average ejaculation time of 31.7 seconds, tried pelvic floor exercises over the course of 12 weeks.

The 33 out of 40 men who were able to improve their ejaculation time within 12 weeks with these exercises and their own efforts also helped their self-confidence.

At the end of the course, the average ejaculation time had increased to 146.2 seconds — nearly four times the average at the start of the study.

Don’t Think Only Penetration

Lovemaking isn’t all about putting it in and out. If you want to get it on for long, you need to learn to understand that it isn’t just about the act of penetration.

When you pay all the attention to penetration, it’s inevitable that you’ll end up putting a lot of pressure on yourself.

Take time to please each other and you’ll see how relaxed and sensual sex really can be.

Six Foods You Should Never Eat After A Workout Session

Written by HF Magazine Staff  | 


After a good workout session, your natural instinct may be to grab a bottle of soda or stop by at a restaurant for some salad and raw veggies – but did you know that these food choices are absolutely wrong?

Here are six foods you should never eat after a workout session. Read on…

Spicy Foods

After a workout session, your body needs to stay off foods that are hard to digest and spicy foods are an example of such foods – generally, anything with hot sauce is hard to digest. According to fitness expert Michelle Neverusky; your body just accomplished a major effort and is a state of repair…. It needs foods that are easy to digest, a little protein, a little sugar to bring your sugar levels back to an even keel, and mostly carbohydrates to replenish your energy levels.

According to fitness expert Michelle Neverusky; your body just accomplished a major effort and is a state of repair… It needs foods that are easy to digest, a little protein, a little sugar to bring your sugar levels back to an even keel, and mostly carbohydrates to replenish your energy levels.


Soda may seem like the best drink after a good sweat as it is super refreshing with its bubbles, plus the caffeine gives that extra boost you desire. However, experts have claimed that this is an absolute no-no!

Why? You may ask – the thing is, your body needs hydration and you sure cannot get enough by drinking soda. Additionally, soda may make you bloated.

[Here are some natural pre-work out drinks to boost your energy]

Salty Snacks

It is very normal to crave salty foods after a workout session as when you sweat your body eliminates nutrients along with water (including potassium).

By going for salty foods right after a workout, you are depriving your body of the right kind of fats or salt it needs, and you’ll be adding a large dose of bad trans fats.

You can opt for a healthy meal and replenish your potassium levels quickly and naturally. Eat bananas as they are known for their high amounts of potassium, and they are surely a healthier alternative to snacks. You can also go for some dry fruits.

Raw Vegetables

Veggies are healthy and required for a balanced and healthy lifestyle; however, they are not what you need straight after a workout. This is because you’ve just lost a lot of vitamins, minerals and nutrients whilst exercising, and raw veggies simply aren’t substantial enough to supplement them. This is may also be the only time where such low-calorie foods actually work against you.

You need extra protein and fibre in order to replenish your stores and help to repair muscle tissue.

Fatty Foods

Why should you even indulge in fatty foods right after a workout? Except, of course, you’re trying to ruin your efforts.

Avoid fast foods, fatty snacks, oily foods, cheese, French fries and the likes.

Fatty foods will surely elevate your levels of LDL cholesterol (also known as the “bad cholesterol”) and they will put you at high risk for heart disease in the long run.


Pastries are easy to grab and they make you feel full for longer, they are however certainly not a great meal choice after a workout.

Your body needs high-quality carbohydrates to replace the lost glycogen during the workout, and although pastries are full of carbs, they are not a reliable or healthy source of nutrients given the fact that they carry a lot of carbs.

Rather than that, opt for whole wheat toast or dry fruits, as mentioned above. Avoid pastries and doughnuts at all costs.

Career – Five Surprising Reason You May Get Fired

Written by HF Magazine Staff  | 


In today’s world; the strife to maintain a career is not just about getting a job; it is about staying relevant and qualified for the job. While some employees lose their jobs by no fault of their own; some others however get terminated for a realistic cause.

Here are some surprising reasons you may get fired. Read on…

Lying On A Resume

Most people are actually guilty of this! The truth is that employers today are increasingly searching for employees with genuine experience on the job description offered; and would check every single reference a job candidate provides.

As a matter of fact, in many companies, reference checking continues after you are hired.

If there are notations on your resume of more than one business “closed down” or one or more deceased employer(s) or untraceable educational certifications, you risk being fired for fraud.

Be prepared to show some sort of documentation for those closed down business and schools and of course think twice before lying on your resume – time will tell the truth!

Sending Emails In All Caps

Sending messages or emails in all capital letter connotes yelling, shouting or giving orders. In the office environment, this is a big no-no as a large degree of communication back and forth to one another is via email.

Writing emails to co-workers and even superiors may be viewed as the equivalent to shouting at your, a behaviour that is cause for termination.


Some employers have reservations about your appearance. You may love your new tattoo; or new hair colour but your employer may hate it and worse, he can fire you because of it.

The same goes for piercings, improper dressing, or facial hair. You can also be fired for being overweight or too attractive; all of these depend on how your appearance affects the nature of the job and how your employer feels about it.


Insubordination is simply refusing to follow directions and orders. Some employees do not understand that their jobs require them to follow directions; and to comply with the requests of their superiors at work.

This can put them at risk of dismissal as most companies pay for (in wages) and own your working time and you must do everything legal that your supervisors and bosses ask you to do.

Extreme Introversion

Some people have a lower “Social IQ” than others, some are loners, and some are sociopathic or have personality disorders. Unless there is a mental health disorder present (like the sociopathic or personality disorder symptoms) people can learn to be civil and have productive conversations – even those with Asperger’s syndrome and other autism spectrum disorders.

Management should notice extreme problems with employee’s getting along with others and intervene professionally with a referral to the Employee Assistance Program for consultation and help or the Professional Development Program for training like awareness and communications education.

Without these latter two programs, many more employees would be fired and end up possibly in jail or homeless.

Men Grooming – Common Shaving Mistakes To Avoid

Written by HF Magazine Staff  | 

Shaving Mistakes

Do you get irritations and bumps on your jaws and neck from shaving? Then you probably have been making some mistakes in shaving. Yes you may have been shaving your beards for years and you may have stuck to the basic rules; but here are some common shaving mistakes you may be making.

Read on…

Hitting Your Shaving Stick

Banging your razor against the edge of the sink to clean off excess hair and shaving cream and is a common practice; however, this is very wrong as it can damage your razors. Yes, the idea is to prevent build-ups from getting stuck between the blades, but doing this will make tiny dents and nicks on the blades that you may not even see. However, you will see the skin irritation that happens as a result.

So instead of hitting your razor against something, take the extra second to rinse it off with lukewarm water before resuming your shave.

You Shave Against The Natural Hair Direction

This may sound counterintuitive as it is faster and easier to shave in the opposite direction of your hair growth. The problem, however, is that when you do this with shaving sticks or regular razors, more often than not, it causes ingrown hair, redness and shaving bumps.

So if you will be shaving against your hair direction, do that with an electric clipper as it is gentler on the skin and doesn’t pose the threat of cuts and bruises, rather gives you softer and smoother skin.

You Don’t Prep Your Skin

You might be accustomed to dry shaves, but prepping your skin before a shave is beneficial to you. The truth is that not prepping your skin before a shave causes serious damage to your skin because shaving unlubricated skin contributes to a number of issues from cuts to inflammation.

Experts recommend massaging with a pre-shave product such as a facial scrub or pre-shave oil to moisturize the shaving surface.

Using Cold Water

Just like warm water opens up your pores; cold water shrinks your pores to a size that makes it hard for shaving creams to properly penetrate, and tougher for the razor to do its job. Wash your face first with warm water or a use hot towel face pressed on your skin to help open pores and soften your stubble.

The more heat you can apply to the beard area, the softer the hair will become, which makes it easier to cut.

Pressing Too Hard

Less is more when it comes to shaving. Pressing the razor hard against your skin will create an uneven surface. You won’t achieve the right angle to properly cut the hair and also run the risk of digging into or cutting the skin. Use a light touch and let the razor do the work. If you feel like you need to press harder to cut the hair, you likely have a dull blade that is in need of replacing.

Using Aftershave with Alcohol

Although some men enjoy the “tingling” feel of alcohol-based aftershaves, but the reality is that what you’re doing is drying out your skin instead of protecting it. Experts recommend an aftershave with naturally-based ingredients like shea butter that coat the skin and lock in moisture.

Three Natural Pre-workout Drinks To Boost Your Energy

Written by HF Magazine Staff  | 

Pre-workout Drinks

Exercising on an empty stomach can affect the intensity of your workout session and the same happens when you have a meal right before you hit the gym. So what could be the solution to having a great and intense sweat session? Some nutritious pre-workout drinks!

So here are three healthy and nutritious pre-workout drinks for you. Read on….

Orange Flaxseed Drink

Orange Flaxseed DrinkOranges are good sources of potassium, magnesium, B1, B2, B3, B6, and folate. Flax oil (or hempseed oil) will slow down the release of fruit sugar into the bloodstream, giving you a steady supply of energy to boost your workout session. So it’s great as a pre-workout drink. Here is how to prepare it:


  • 5 peeled seedless oranges
  • 3 tablespoons cold-pressed flax oil or hempseed oil


Add a little cold water (about half a cup) and blend. Drink slowly.

Carrot, Apple, Beetroot and Ginger Juice     

BeetrootBeetroot juice is a great source of nitrate, which widens blood vessels, thus lowering your blood pressure and allowing for more blood flow.

It reduces also the amount of oxygen your muscles need during activity, meaning beetroot juice is a great ingredient to work into your pre-workout drinks.

In addition, there are several other healthy ingredients, including carrots, apples, ginger, and lemon.


  • 3 medium beets, trimmed, peeled, and cut into 1-inch pieces
  • 2 large carrots, washed and cut into 1-inch pieces
  • 1 Granny Smith apple, cored and quartered
  • An apple, cored and quartered
  • 1 (3-inch) piece fresh ginger, peeled and chopped into 1-inch pieces
  • 1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice


Add beets, carrots, apple, and ginger in a juicer or blender and blend. Strain through a fine-mesh sieve into a large bowl.

Add lemon juice and mix to stir. Pour into glasses and enjoy!

Chocolate Tofu Drink

Chocolate and Tofu drinkYou don’t need a “sports drink” to refuel after a workout. Regular chocolate milk combined with tofu—both of which contain a mix of carbohydrate and protein—may work just as well.


  • ⅓ (10-ounce) block firm tofu
  • 1 small banana, sliced
  • 1½ tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
  • ¼ cup skim milk (almond, soy, or coconut milk)
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla
  • 1½ tablespoons brown sugar
  • ½ cup ice


Add everything to a blender, and blend until smooth.

Seven Habits To Maintain A Tidy Home

Written by HF Magazine Staff  | 

Tidy Home

Most times, we tend to think that only five-star hotels can have that feel of a fresh, neat, sparkling and tidy environment. Having a sparkling hospital, clean and tidy home is not impossible.

Although, pets, children and elderly ones in the home can make it difficult to achieve a tidy home, but being organized is an important piece to achieving a tidy home.

Without being willing to keep things in order, your house would probably look like a bomb went off in it.

The following are some habits to adopt in order to maintain a tidy home:

Get Rid Of Clutter

Some people store extra of everything they have. You have extra Christmas lights, you have an extra gas cooker that probably isn’t functional, there is an extra fridge in the store that isn’t working, old or broken kitchen wears that you don’t want to let go of! All these just constitute to unnecessary junk in your home.

Always do a routine purge to get rid of such in your home, throw away what isn’t working any longer, kept the ones you need and give away the rest.

Keep Papers Tidy

Don’t devalue the smallest tasks, like straightening a pile of magazines or fixing a stack of mail. If you have piles of papers like bills and receipts, all over your home then you’ll really want to consider filing papers immediately instead of keeping them hanging around the house.

When bills come in, put them in one place and after you’ve paid the bills, file immediately. Also remember to do a regular trashing; you don’t want a folder full of ancient bills and receipts.

Have a Door Mat

Shoes track in dirt, mud, grass, faeces, debris, gum, leaves, and much more. If you hate to take off your shoes by the entrance, then invest in a good door mat so you won’t need to clean the floors as often. You can have a ‘house-only-shoes’ to walk around the house in; a pair of slippers or flip-flops will do.

Tidy Up Your Kitchen

Make sure to wash every dish after use, or put in the dishwasher. Unload the dishwasher before breakfast; that way, when you dirty a dish, you can put it directly into the dishwasher and turn on the dishwasher just before bed.

Also make a habit to wipe down every surface after use. If you want your sink, stove top or counters always sparkling, take a minute to do a quick wipe of the area to keep it looking neat and clean.

The less grime build-up, the easier it is to clean. Mildew, grease, and food stains are not a good look for your house. It takes only a few seconds to wipe down the area you just used and it stays clean and disinfected, ready to be used again.

Most importantly, if you let grease and grime build-up over time, it’s almost impossible to restore it to its original condition.

Dine Appropriately

Make it a habit to eat on the dining table rather than just anywhere. Eating on the couch or on the bed can leave you with cockroaches here and there in your home.

Make sure to wipe your dining area thoroughly after every use.

Dust and Vacuum Regularly

If you have pets and (or) children in your home; then you need to make it a habit to dust and vacuum every day. This way, you keep dirt from piling or building up in your rug.

Your house will remain cleaner and you’ll save time because you won’t have to do a major cleaning each time you do decide to clean. Things will stay presentable longer.

Put Things Away After Use

If you have children who litter the home with their toys, teach them to always put them away on a regular basis.

Also after using something, make sure to put them back to their rightful posts. If everyone decided to leave things out or to put them somewhere where it didn’t belong; we’d collectively never be able to find anything.

Putting things back where you’ve determined they live in your home ensures everyone knows where to find things and keep your house neat and tidy.

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