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I Would 500% advice Aspiringing Entrepreneur To delve in to fashion – CEO DressMeOutlet

Written by HF Magazine Staff  | 


HF Magazine recently sat down with Olatorera Oniru, the CEO of fashion online retail store

Torera dished on her passion as a fashion entreprenuer, her love for fashion, the ups and downs faced by budding business owners as well as her upcoming networking event Cocktails and Dresses, which she describes as the largest gathering of made in Africa event.

Read the inspiring interview below.

Please give us a brief insight into your background

I am currently Chief Executive at, The Fashion Amazon of Africa, working to magnify and grow the African Fashion & Beauty industries. I love to speak publicly on topics related to leadership, entrepreneurship and technology driving Africa’s growth. I founded Nigeria’s foremost leadership program Top 100 Our Generation in 2007; a company that brought together and inspired many of today’s young leaders.

How old is DressMeOutlet? is almost a year old. We went live in January 2016 and had an official launch in May 2016.

We know many Nigerian business owners complain about the erratic power supply in Nigeria as one of the greatest challenges faced by business owners. Asides from this, what other major challenges have you faced in running a fashion business in Nigeria?

Yes the lack of stability with power supply is definitely a challenge that needs to be alleviated soonest. Other challenges may include setbacks with the local educational system in our attempt to recruit and hire the very best graduates. Also, relying on international companies for certain services given the significant hike in foreign currency exchange that we have witnessed this year.

Why did you decide to start with the e-commerce platform and not a physical boutique?

With my experience working for top companies globally, I’ve witnessed how much technology can contribute to growing a business. Plus a few industry players before us, had already established the potentials and high feasibility of the e-commerce market in Africa. We can also reach a wider, global market with e-commerce as compared to a physical store.

There are so many fashion online stores. How does DressMeOutlet stand out? remains focused on being an industry leader. We are the foremost fashion online retailer in Africa when evaluated on terms such as User Experience, User Interface, Customer Service, Quality of products, Availability of products, Company Awards and growth projections.


How has the Dollar rate affected you as a fashion entrepreneur?

Yes, for certain services whereby we work with international providers. Nonetheless, we are thriving because we continue to transition over to be the best service providers locally and this excites us because we are able to grow local businesses and still get the very best services.

At the recently held Africa fashion week, during your speech, you said that you have not yet broken even. Were you being modest because with how popular your brand has become, one would think you’ve broken beyond ‘even.’

Well as of today, we have broken even although financials are very confidential. We are very focused on growing the business, the market and the industry. Being profitable is not our only agenda, we want to work with tens of thousands of suppliers across Africa to magnify the industry. Nigeria alone has a potential of over $30 billion in revenue from the fashion industry alone. You can triple that amount when we combine analysis from the beauty and home goods industries too.

What can fashion entrepreneurs do to actually break even in this line of business?

Produce the very best quality products, give the very best customer service possible and employ the best employees and executive leaders.

Knowing the state of the economy right now, would you advise a would-be entrepreneur to go into the fashion business at this time and why?

I would 500% advice a would-be entrepreneur to delve in to the fashion industry. It is a rapidly growing industry with lots of opportunities for key players. The barriers to entry are also currently low and thus entrepreneurs should take advantage of all growth opportunities now rather than later. We love fashion and fashion is here to stay. Plus fashion is fun with a lot of freedom to express one’s passion, creativity, talent and ambitions.


What awards and recognitions have you gotten in respect to DressMeOutlet?

We were recently awarded as one of Nigeria’s Most Innovative Companies at the recently held Nigerian Innovation Summit. We were also nominated for African Awards for Entrepreneurship, African Achievers Awards and a few others. Not to forget’s Top 5 Entrepreneurs for 2016 and Forbes 30 under 30 Most promising African Entrepreneurs.

That’s quite number for a relatively new business. Congratulations on all of these recognitions.

Thank you.

Give us an insight on the Cocktails & Dresses event coming up. Is it really the largest gathering of made in Africa’s event?

Cocktails & Dresses is’s technology, retail & fashion industry sales & exhibition event promoting high-quality manufacturers across Nigeria and Africa. Cocktails & Dresses would Feature over 75 established and emerging manufacturers and retailers across Africa & International. Over 30 press partners and over 10 notable sponsor organizations. The event would be a grand full-day of Special Speakers & Personalities, Music, Fashion, Food, Networking, Glamour and Celebration.

Who is this event for and how can people attend the event?

Cocktails & Dresses is for everyone who loves to look good and have a great time. There’s lots to celebrate, eat, drink and shop from!

Is there something else you’d want our readers to know about DressMeOutlet and future projects from your platform?

Please follow all our social media pages @dressmeoutlet to be the first to hear all updates, contests, promotions and freebies from the Fashion Amazon of Africa. Shop now and experience lightning fast delivery to your doorstep anywhere you are in the world!

What other businesses do you run asides from DressMeOutlet?

Nothing else. I’m fully focused on and the fashion, beauty and home retail industries.

What is your highest ambition as a fashion entrepreneur?

Employing thousands of creative geniuses across Africa and dispatching to millions of homes on a daily basis.

Where do you see DressMeOutlet in the next 10 years?

Continuing to retail globally and proving the very best products with the absolute best customer service to customers worldwide.

If you were not a fashion entrepreneur, what would you be?

CEO of a multi-national conglomerate.

Thank you for your time, Torera, it’s been nice chatting with you.

Its been my pleasure.


Written by HF Magazine Staff  | 


On this week’s episode of DA CHAT, Reekado Banks sheds light on his controversial Headies Award, why he is yet to feature other artistes on his songs and more.

Watch the full interview below.

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I Could Have Held Wizkid Back – Banky W On DA CHAT

Written by HF Magazine Staff  | 


DA CHAT with Banky W

Banky W appears in this new and captivating episode of DA CHAT where he finally bares his mind on marriage, Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz, Wizkid, EME records, his music career, acting and many more.

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Tv host, Zinnia leaves no stone unturned in the 20-minute-long interview, which had Banky speaking on many hot topics.

Did he pay me off to get off the label, No!,  because  I…that’s not just how i operate… I probably could have…” Banky replies after being asked questions about Wizkid’s exit from EME records.

DA CHAT with Banky W , it’s a must watch!

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Vector Tha Viper Spits Venom On DA CHAT

Written by HF Magazine Staff  | 

Vector Tha Viper

Vector Tha Viper Spits Venom On This Week’s Episode Of DA CHAT

On this episode of DA CHAT, we welcomed Olanrewaju Ogunmefun aka Vector Tha Viper. We took him on a 3-part interview, where the rapper gives some deep and sincere insights on several issues surrounding him, including his supposed altercation with Ikechukwu, the aftermath of his last record deal, Hip-hop/Rap music in Nigeria, the misconception of “Afrobeat” on the foreign scene and much more.

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Vector Tha Viper is one of the most revered rappers in Nigeria. His ‘Freestyle’ prowess has proven to be unrivalled, especially after he singlehandedly rapped for two hours (none stop) on a live radio show earlier in the year (2016).


We advise that you grab a pen and paper before you press play.

DA CHAT On HFtv Africa – Cynthia Morgan Affirms That Her Boobs Are Real

Written by HF Magazine Staff  | 

Cynthia Morgan - Zinnia - HFtv DA CHAT

In the new episode of HFtv Africa DA CHAT, host Zinnia welcomes Nigeria’s dancehall queen, Cynthia Morgan to the hot seat for an exclusive interview.

In the 22 minutes long interview, Cynthia Morgan speaks about her personality, music career, upcoming album, accent, hair and why she signed with Jude instead of Peter Okoye. She also cleared the air on her song, “Baby Daddy” in connection to being pregnant for Jude Okoye.

One of the many highlights of this interview was when Cynthia Morgan, who also mouths herself as Madrina, let the host, Zinnia affirm that her boobs were not implanted. In her words, “If my boobs were fake, I would be really fighting back… people don’t accept growth. It’s very hard for people to accept growth.”

Watch the thrilling interview below and don’t forget to leave your comments. Also subscribe to the channel HERE.

Sean Tizzle Speaks to HFtv On DA CHAT

Written by HF Magazine Staff  | 

Sean Tizzle - HFtv DA CHAT

In a new episode of HFtv Africa DA CHAT, host Zinnia welcomes Morihanfen Oluwaseun Oluwabamidele a.k.a Sean Tizzle to the hot seat.

In the 15 minutes long interview, Sean Tizzle speaks on the many controversies that have trailed his short career, allegations of stealing songs, skin bleaching and his supposed hiatus from the music scene.

Sean Tizzle also spoke on returning big time to the music scene, his career and future plans.

Watch the thrilling interview below and don’t forget to leave your comments. Also subscribe to the channel HERE.

“I Did Not Leave YBNL” – Lil Kesh Speaks To HFtv On DA CHAT

Written by HF Magazine Staff  | 

Lil Kesh

Former YBNL artiste, Lil Kesh, who did not renew his record deal with Olamide’s YBNL Nation label, spoke with Zinnia, host of Da Chat on HFtv Africa in this week’s episode of the online show.

The indigenous rapper explained his present relationship with former label and ex label mates. He debunked words of actually leaving the label; that he simply did not renew his contract, but he is still in business with his former label. In his words,

I did not leave YBNL, business wise the contract ended…. YBNL…the way it’s built, business or no business it is a family thing …we are all brothers.”

Lil Kesh, who released his debut and only album, YAGI on YBNL went ahead to flag his on record label and he explained that it was only proper that he moved on with his own label, since he doesn’t believe any other label could have much to offer him. According to him, Olamide, who he sees as a father figure, trained him and his former label mates as bosses.

Watch the thrilling interview below for more incisive responses on the questions that were thrown at him. Also subscribe to the channel HERE.



HFtv Africa On The Streets – Can You Spell Your Name Backwards?

Written by HF Magazine Staff  | 

HFtv Africa On The Streets

In this episode of HFtv Africa On The Streets our team went out to the streets of Lagos to see if Nigerians can take on the challenge, to spell their names backwards.

The hilarious video which gives time for little preparation will have you wondering if you could ace the task without breaking a sweat.

HFtv Africa is an online channel, dedicated to serving short videos of original programming with segments such as, Entertainment Gist, Fashion, Beauty, Battle Of The Sexes and Music. The channel also touches on topical issues affecting the lives of the youths across Nigeria and other African countries.

[Subscribe to the HFtv’s channel on Youtube via to watch subsequent episodes of On The Streets]

Don’t forget to leave your comments below.

Watch Lucky display how unlucky he is in this #hilarious HFtv On The Street clip. ? ? ? #funny #lol #crazy #fun

A video posted by HFtv …television next! (@hftvafrica) on

Can You Spell Your Name Backwards??? ??? #hftvafrica #hftvvoxpop #voxpop

A video posted by HFtv …television next! (@hftvafrica) on

I Don’t Want To Be The Face of Female Abuse – Emma Nyra Speaks To HFtv On “DA CHAT”

Written by HF Magazine Staff  | 


After the controversial interview with Omawumi which ended with a ‘bang’, TV host Zinnia returns in an exclusive interview with Emma Nyra on HFtv’s DA CHAT.

In the 15 minutes long interview, Emma Nyra  speaks to HFtv about  the reasons she quit her ex label,  the sour relationship with her manager, working with label mates and how she intends to return to the top of her game after making an exit from Tripple MG.

“…I don’t wanna bring any bad lights towards him [Ubi Franklin]… i just want to say that as a woman I took a lot. I took a lot… I don’t want to cry or get emotional, so I can’t really speak on it but it was a tough time for me. I have never spoken about it because I don’t want to be the face of female abuse – Emma Nyra responds when asked about getting beat up at Tripple MG.

HFtv Africa is an online channel, dedicated to serving short videos of original programming with segments such as, Entertainment Gist, Fashion, Beauty, Battle Of The Sexes and Music. It will also be touching topical issues affecting the lives of the youths across Nigeria and other African countries.

Watch the mind blowing interview on HFtv Africa below and subscribe to the channel via the url:, to catch subsequent editions as they unfold weekly.

Omawumi Flares Up As Interview Gets Heated On HFtv

Written by HF Magazine Staff  | 

Omawunmi Interview On HFtv _

HFtv Africa returns with another episode of Da Chat on its YouTube channel today (HFtv Africa) with TV host, Zinnia having singer, Omawumi on the hot seat.

The 15-minute long interview started well as Omawumi answered series of questions about her career, opinion on parenting and other questions. However, the singer and mother of two got offended after she was asked to address a rumour about her smoking and drinking habit – something that has been making rounds about her.

Visibly angry, Omawumi decided to end the interview abruptly and walked right out of the set. She said she would not give the host an answer and reiterated with the question; “Do you mean me well?” She walked out of the set as her voice blared on the background, “And you will publish it o!”

Watch the explosive interview below.

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