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Johnny Depp Sues His Former Business Managers For $25 Million

Written by HF Magazine Staff  | 

Johnny Depp

This story was originally posted on this site.

About a month before a judge slid a manhole cover over the open sewer that was Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s divorce battle, Johnny demanded that Amber fork over $100,000 for his legal fees. I thought it was a little odd that a multi-millionaire like Johnny would act up for a measly $100k. As it turns out, his bank accounts have been a little lighter lately, and he’s blaming it on the decisions made by his former business managers. He’s also gotten the legal system involved because he wants that money back.

Variety says that last Friday, the same day he officially became single again, Johnny filed a $25 million lawsuit against The Mandel Co., The Management Group, Joel L. Mandel, Robert Mandel, First American Title Insurance Co., and 15 other unnamed defendants. Johnny alleges his former business managers of “gross misconduct” that resulted in him losing “tens of millions of dollars.” He is asking for $25 million in damages.

The lawsuit accuses Johnny’s business people of taking $28 million in contingency fees, failing to file or pay Johnny’s federal taxes on time, and “loaning” almost $10 million to third parties without Johnny’s ok. His lawyer Matthew Kanny calls Johnny a “victim” who was taken advantage of, thanks to an oral contract. His lawyer describes TMG’s actions as mismanagement and “at times, outright fraud.” According to the lawsuit, poor Johnny claims his financial situation is so fucked, he’s been forced to sell off some of his assets to pay for his losses.

Johnny’s former business managers have something to say about this lawsuit. They think Johnny’s accusations are about as truthful as a promise from Johnny assuring you he brushed his teeth in the past 48 hours. An attorney for TMG and the Mandels says that they worked hard for Johnny for 17 years, and any financial issues are the result of Johnny’s reckless spending. Their attorney also thinks Depp is using this lawsuit as a way to buy himself some time to delay the sale of his assets. The actor allegedly borrowed $5 million from his business managers in 2012. They gave him until 2014 to repay it.

By 2016, only about $800,000 had been repaid, so last October they started foreclosure proceedings on some of the actor’s properties to get the remaining $4.2 million he owed them.

Johnny filed his lawsuit the night before several properties were to be foreclosed upon by the Mandels and The Mandel’s attorney doesn’t think that’s a coincidence.

Happy Birthday Michelle Obama – See President Obama’s Message To His Wife

Written by HF Magazine Staff  | 

WASHINGTON, DC - SEPTEMBER 25:  U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama (L) and U.S. President Barack Obama wait on the North Portico for the arrival of Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife Madame Peng Liyuan ahead of a state dinner at the White House September 25, 2015 in Washington, DC. Obama and Xi announced an agreement on curbing climate change and an understanding on cyber security.  (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Today is the birthday of Michelle Obama – the first Lady of the United States, and President Obama took to Twitter to send his wife a birthday message.

Joining Obama with the well-wishes to Michelle, are various celebrities and fans around the world

President Obama and his family are enjoying their last few days in the White House, as President-elect Donald Trump is set to be sworn into office this Friday, January 20, 2017.

Happy Birthday, Michelle Obama!

Kerry Washington Talks About Motherhood And Working On Scandal

Written by HF Magazine Staff  | 

Kerry Washington

This story was originally published on this site.

Scandal star Kerry Washington appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday and opened up about life since giving birth to her second child, a baby boy named Caleb Kelechi Asomugha, in early October. Before giving birth to him, however, she and husband Nnamdi Asomugha didn’t have a clue about the sex of their baby.

“I had no idea what I was having,” Kerry Washington explains. “I said I hoped it was human. That turned out to be right. It’s a human boy.”

Host Ellen DeGeneres jokes that she predicted the sex of the couple’s baby, saying it would be a boy long before they found out. The accurate prediction inspires a new idea. “Who needs DNA tests?” Kerry asks. “Just go to Ellen!”

The mom of two also opens up about how her first pregnancy affected Scandal and why the cast and crew decided to delay production this time around.

Last season, Kerry’s character was always placed behind plants, pillows, desks and other large objects that would hide her belly, which eventually became a funny joke for the cast and viewers. This time around, however, Scandal decided to take a hiatus, but Kerry admits there will be more potted plants.

“The first five episodes you’ll see me standing behind some flowers,” she says, “and then I might stand behind flowers just for fun so it doesn’t stop immediately, but I don’t need to anymore.”

Kerry also opens up about the Obamas’ final party, admitting to the crowd that she and her husband partied the night away until 3:30 a.m. She reveals she and her hubby tried to leave earlier, but Usher stopped them.

“You don’t walk away from Usher when he tells you a party’s about to get started,” Kerry jokes. “He’s a terrible influence that Usher. Terrible influence.”

Watch what happened when Kerry decided to play ‘Speak Out’ on the show.

HBO Yet To Confirm ‘Game of Thrones’ For Season 8

Written by HF Magazine Staff  | 


This story was originally published on this site.

HBO hasn’t yet renewed Game of Thrones for an eighth season, and there’s an exciting — or annoying — reason for that. It all depends on your personal take on the hit TV series.

Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss surprised fans last year when they said that they have some 13 hours left in the Game of Thrones saga. That implied that HBO would only air 13 more episodes over the course of the next two seasons. We already know that season 7 will hit HBO later than initially expected, and it will consist of just 7 episodes. So, we thought HBO had settled on a six-episode eighth and final season.

However, TVLine found out that HBO is still waiting for Benioff and Weiss to decide how many episodes they want in season 8. That’s why the last Game of Thrones season has not been formally confirmed.

“The only thing we’re working out is how many episodes they want to do,” HBO programming president Casey Bloys told the site. Bloys “hopes” there will be more than six episodes.

“They’re still figuring it out because I think they’re trying to get a shape of the season,” he said. “They always do what they think [will yield] the best version of the show. It’s all about how many they’re comfortable [with]. But I’ll always take more.”

However, more episodes of a TV series won’t necessarily make it a better show. Just look at the most recent season of The Walking Dead. Fans could certainly have done without quite a few of the episodes in the first half of the current season.

Moreover, Benioff and Weiss last year said they had a firm conclusion in mind for Game of Thrones when they started it.

“I think we’re down to our final 13 episodes,” Benioff said last April. “We’re heading into the final lap.” He then added that it’s “not just [about] trying not to outstay [our] welcome.”

He continued, “We’re trying to tell one cohesive story with a beginning, middle and end,” he continued. “We’ve known the end for quite some time, and we’re hurtling towards it. Those last images from [the Season 6 finale] showed that. Daenerys is finally coming back to Westeros, Jon Snow is king of the North, and Cersei is sitting on the Iron Throne. And we know the Night King is up there, waiting for all of them. The pieces are on the board now… and we are heading toward the endgame.”

Blac Chyna And Rob Kardashian Party At NY Strip Club

Written by HF Magazine Staff  | 

Rob and Chyna

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian had their first post-baby joint appearance on Sunday night in NYC.

According to US Weekly, Blac and Rob arrived at Sins of Sapphire strip club around 1:15 am with an entourage of 15 people. The pair took shots throughout the night, and things got pretty wild toward the end as the mother of two got a massage from one of the strippers, and later sat on Rob’s laps.

We gathered that Rob and Blac have taken some time away from the Kardashian family recently so they can focus on their relationship. They are also filming for their reality show during the appearance.

Blac Chyna posted a few photos and videos to her IG after the appearance.

A photo posted by Blac Chyna (@blacchyna) on

Victoria Beckham Has Reportedly Declined A Spice Girls Reunion Tour

Written by HF Magazine Staff  | 

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham has reportedly stopped a Spice Girls reunion tour after preventing the group from performing their old songs.

The former band member, who is not involved in the reunion, is said to have asked her lawyers to block Mel B, Emma Bunton and Geri Horner from performing the group’s classic tracks.

According to The Sun, a source said: “The girls are devastated. It is an extremely sad way for things to end… Victoria was a huge part of their lives and now she is using lawyers to block their comeback.

“Victoria is proud of her Spice Girls history but this suggests she wants to cut all links with the group which transformed her life. She is resorting to aggressive legal letters and it is an extremely sad way for things to end after all they have been through together.”

Victoria Beckham is said to be “concerned” that performing old songs alongside new music could “damage” the group’s legacy.

“It became a concern that if the remaining members started mixing classic hits with new songs that were not up to much it would damage their legacy,” said the source.

“Victoria takes herself very seriously now and didn’t want to have an association with this project which she felt she would if they sang the classic songs and marketed themselves as the Spice Girls. She got lawyers involved as she has a writing credit on the hits and co-owns the companies which control the band’s legacy and finances.”

Mel C has also refused to take part in the reunion as she believed they ‘reached their peak at the 2012 London Olympics’ – however she did also recently claim that she was ‘bullied’ during her time in the band in the ’90s.

“I’m not going to name names – but yes,” she said when asked if she was the target of abuse while in the ‘Girl Power’ sensation. “It’s been addressed, they were aware of what they’d done. They apologized.”

She continued: “Now I’m older, I’m a lot more confident and I will not be shat upon. But when I was younger I let people shit on me. What’s done is done but I’d have liked to have been a bit stronger,” she continued. “When we were kids, we were so hard on each other and so determined to succeed that if anybody fell out of line they were quickly brought back in. That was quite a lot of pressure to live under.”

That Joseph Fiennes-As-Michael Jackson Show Has Been Cancelled

Written by HF Magazine Staff  | 

Joseph Fiennes

Some of you may recall that last year, we actually heard about Joseph Fiennes’ terrible career decision to take the role of Michael Jackson. We heard that it was a weird TV movie and that the story was based on an unverified claim that immediately following 9/11, Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando rented a car and tried to drive across the country, from New York to California. The other casting choices were surprising solid – Stockard Channing as Elizabeth Taylor and Brian Cox as Brando, both of which fit pretty well. But Joseph Fiennes as MJ was and is… difficult. Stupid. Idiotic. Offensive. It was made worse by Joseph trying to talk his way out of the controversy and making a hash out of it.

The trailer for the project, called Urban Myths, came out this week and it created a firestorm. Here’s the trailer again:

Yeah, I still don’t know why anyone thought this would be a good idea. MJ’s daughter Paris Jackson tweeted this in response:

Well, good news. Because after the trailer dropped and everyone in the world was like, “Yeah, this was a TERRIBLE idea,” Sky has canceled the airing of this one episode.

European pay-TV company Sky has ditched plans to air the controversial footage from British comedy series “Urban Myths” in which Joseph Fiennes plays the singer Michael Jackson.

In a statement, a company spokesperson said: “We have taken the decision not to broadcast ‘Elizabeth, Michael and Marlon,’ a half-hour episode from the Sky Arts ‘Urban Myths’ series, in light of the concerns expressed by Michael Jackson’s immediate family. We set out to take a light-hearted look at reportedly true events and never intended to cause any offense. Joseph Fiennes fully supports our decision.”

Bobrisky Dares Governor Ambode To Arrest Him

Written by HF Magazine Staff  | 


It’s no longer news that Club Uno’s Boss, Pretty Mike has been arrested on the command of the Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode.

Apparently, an Instagram blog, GistonFlameBlog posted a picture with a question to their audience; they asked: “Who is the next to be arrested for “Indecent Act” in public?” … and then, most of their followers screamed Bobrisky.

The self-acclaimed Nigerian King of Snapchat saw their comment irritating and declared that Governor Ambode should come for him.

Bobrisky sharply replied: “U are all mad, let him come. I’m waiting”

Music Leak – Wizkid Featuring Drake

Written by HF Magazine Staff  | 


At the beginning of 2017, Wizkid promised fans he was going to follow up his successful 2016 with more great music in the new year, with emphasis that he’ll be dropping, singles, album and four mixtapes.

While some pundits don’t see this happening because he didn’t put out an impressive amount of solo music last year, Wizkid has started keeping his promise already with the leak of ‘Hush Up The Silence’ hit social media yesterday.

No one saw the Caribbean flavoured ‘Hush Up The Silence’ coming, it shouldn’t be surprising that the two would work together again. You may already know that “One Dance” was on the Billboard 100 Chart for 12 weeks and introduced Drake to more audiences across the world with the support of the Starboy and Skyla.

Listen to the song below.

Lamar Odom Wants Khloe Kardashian Back

Written by HF Magazine Staff  | 

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom

Former NBA star Lamar Odom talked about his ex-wife Khloe Kardashian in an upcoming episode of The Doctors, telling host Travis Lane Stork that he wants her back.

Lamar whose divorce from Khloe was finalized in December 2016, was interviewed on Tuesday, January 17, and was asked how he’s rebuilding his life since almost dying from an overdose in 2015.

“Going forward, when you look at your life ahead of you, what are you looking forward to?” Stork asks Odom in a preview clip that was released on Thursday, January 12, the same day that Kardashian’s new E! show, Revenge Body, debuted.

“Um, honestly? I want my wife back,” Lamar Odom, 37, replied with a laugh as the audience cheered.

But it might be too late for Lamar, who married Khloe in September 2009 on a televised special. Their marriage fell apart in 2013 when the Kardashian filed for divorce amid rumors that her husband had cheated.

Khloe put the divorce on hold after Lamar’s overdose incident at a Nevada brothel in October 2015. She refiled in May last year, and the pair were legally divorced in December.

We reported that Lamar checked out of rehab on January 5 following a month-long stay, while Khloe started dating Cleveland Cavaliers player Tristan Thompson.

In an interview on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Wednesday, January 11, Khloe Kardashian said that she and Thompson are using “the L word.”

“I’m very happy,” she said, adding that their relationship is “going good.”

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