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Career – Five Surprising Reason You May Get Fired

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In today’s world; the strife to maintain a career is not just about getting a job; it is about staying relevant and qualified for the job. While some employees lose their jobs by no fault of their own; some others however get terminated for a realistic cause.

Here are some surprising reasons you may get fired. Read on…

Lying On A Resume

Most people are actually guilty of this! The truth is that employers today are increasingly searching for employees with genuine experience on the job description offered; and would check every single reference a job candidate provides.

As a matter of fact, in many companies, reference checking continues after you are hired.

If there are notations on your resume of more than one business “closed down” or one or more deceased employer(s) or untraceable educational certifications, you risk being fired for fraud.

Be prepared to show some sort of documentation for those closed down business and schools and of course think twice before lying on your resume – time will tell the truth!

Sending Emails In All Caps

Sending messages or emails in all capital letter connotes yelling, shouting or giving orders. In the office environment, this is a big no-no as a large degree of communication back and forth to one another is via email.

Writing emails to co-workers and even superiors may be viewed as the equivalent to shouting at your, a behaviour that is cause for termination.


Some employers have reservations about your appearance. You may love your new tattoo; or new hair colour but your employer may hate it and worse, he can fire you because of it.

The same goes for piercings, improper dressing, or facial hair. You can also be fired for being overweight or too attractive; all of these depend on how your appearance affects the nature of the job and how your employer feels about it.


Insubordination is simply refusing to follow directions and orders. Some employees do not understand that their jobs require them to follow directions; and to comply with the requests of their superiors at work.

This can put them at risk of dismissal as most companies pay for (in wages) and own your working time and you must do everything legal that your supervisors and bosses ask you to do.

Extreme Introversion

Some people have a lower “Social IQ” than others, some are loners, and some are sociopathic or have personality disorders. Unless there is a mental health disorder present (like the sociopathic or personality disorder symptoms) people can learn to be civil and have productive conversations – even those with Asperger’s syndrome and other autism spectrum disorders.

Management should notice extreme problems with employee’s getting along with others and intervene professionally with a referral to the Employee Assistance Program for consultation and help or the Professional Development Program for training like awareness and communications education.

Without these latter two programs, many more employees would be fired and end up possibly in jail or homeless.

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