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BBA Hotshots finalist, Jerome ‘JJ’ Arab has revealed that he is broke, depressed, hates his life and has become suicidal. The Zimbabwean musician and actor, said he expected his life to change after appearing on the show, but things have gotten worse as there’s so much more pressure on him now to make something of his life.

During an interview with Zimbabwean journalist, Chipo Sabeta, JJ said he’s just an ordinary unemployed Zimbabwean struggling to make ends meet. “The truth is that I am broke and going through a rough patch. I am a pedestrian, I didn’t win the jackpot and I am probably poorer than I was before BBA,” he said.

JJ went on to relay that so many things are piling in his life and it doesn’t seem like there is an immediate solution for him. According to him, “It stressed me so much; I had to go for a psychological analysis”.

No DSTV or Big Brother Africa official has reacted to JJ’s statement in this interview, but we can’t, but draw reader’s attention to the fact that several other ex-housemates who did not win the show like Vimbai, Karen Igho, Luclay, Pokello, Mampi and a host of others are doing well for themselves.


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