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Around The World- A Strange Mannequin Called “La Casa De Pascualita”

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La casa De Pascualita

We paid a visit to ‘La Popular’, a well-known bridal shop in Chihuahua, Mexico, and found a strange mannequin by the name, “La Casa De Pascaulita”. Although many versions of its origination have been talked about, but the most popular version is that the original owner of the shop mummified her daughter after she died on her wedding day.

Taking a closer look at the Mannequin, it can be seen that it doesn’t look like one made of synthetic material as it has some fine expression lines and look way more “human”.

La casa De Pascualita's hand

A close up on the hands

Looking closely at the almost “human” palm, which is filled with little lines and fine hairs is sure to leave you with a few unanswerable questions.

La casa De Pascualita's

Another shot at La casa De Pascualita’s hands.

It is also known that the wedding dresses worn by Pascualita are changed frequently and very discreetly, only by the owner of the establishment and a few staff.

Considered as a saint by the local people in Chihuahua, Mexico, prayers are offered in its presence to ask for special favors on matters of the heart.

La casa De Pascualita

La casa De Pascualita in the shop at night

Rumors say she changes positions during the night, either tilting or bending her elbows in a bid to stay comfortable and it’s been reported by some locals that she follows them with her gaze when they pass by at night.


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